Detroit Lions Recliner Report – Green Bay Packers 6

5:55 PM 6 Oct 2013

The Detroit Lions are now 0-23 in the state of Wisconsin against the Green Bay Packers after their humiliating 22-9 loss at Lambeau Field and it really, really stinks, too. Just like some nasty Wisconsin blue cheese, the Lions basically stunk up the fabled frozen tundra offensively and defensively.

Even after the embarrassment the Lions are still in 1st place (3-2) in the NFC North, though.


The Lions still don’t have an answer for winning in Wisconsin. 0-23

The Lions were without their top two WRs in Nate Burleson (broken arm) and Calvin Johnson (knee) in the game and it showed how important Johnson is to the Lions offense – and how mediocre the rest of the receivers are beyond Burleson and Megatron.

To hammer that last point home even further I can back it up with some stats. The leading receiver for the Lions in the game was TE Brandon Pettigrew who caught 4 passes for 59-yards, followed by TE Tony Scheffler with 4 receptions for 55-yards. The Lions TE duo also combined for 4 drops. The best WR productivity in the game came from Kris Durham with 3 receptions for 30-yards and a TD.

As much as I hate to say it, the Packers defense played a very good game and with the loss of @Bigplaycj, RB Reggie Bush was just too easy to focus on and shut down. Bush had 13 carries for 44-yards and 4 receptions for 25-yards on the day. Well below his production when Johnson is on the field.

QB Matthew Stafford played a decent game completing 25-of-40 passes for 262-yards and a TD. From my recliner point-of-view I feel like the Lions offensive woes can be attributed directly to Offensive Coordinator Scott Linehan’s play calling and the dropped passes that continue to plague the Lions.

The offensive line did not play a good game, either, surrendering 5 QB sacks and Stafford was constantly being pressured and on the run. RT Jason Fox returned to the starting lineup, but backup RT Corey Hilliard probably should have been in the game. Rookie LT Riley Reiff looked like a rookie, too, getting beat off the edge often.

Green Bay ran the ball up the gut of the Lions defense all day. RB Eddie Lacy had 23 carries for 99-yards and WR Randle Cobb chipped in 2 carries for 72-yards of his own. The Packers had 180-yards rushing total for the game. Not the same Lions run stuffing defense we have seen on the field before this game.

LB Stephen Tulloch is the best player on the defensive side of the ball hands down in my opinion. Yes, even better than DT Ndamukong Suh. Tulloch could even rival former Lions great MLB Chris Spielman as my favorite Lions defensive player ever. Tulloch had 11 more tackles against Green Bay, 28 for the season, but his hustle saved a sure TD on Randle Cobb’s big run play after S Louis Delmas missed a tackle. To me, that play is a perfect demonstration of Tulloch’s desire to be a winner and his importance to the team. If any game balls are to be given in this loss it should go to Stephen Tulloch.

Rookie DE Ezekiel Ansah continues to grow at an impressive pace for a guy that many, including myself, questioned the Lions for taking so high (5th overall) in the NFL draft. Ansah applied a lot of pressure from the right DE position and added the Lions lone QB sack in the game. Ansah now has 14 tackles, 3.5 QB sacks, 1 pass deflected, and 2 forced fumbles on the season.

CB Bill Bentley played a good game and deserves some positive mention. He doesn’t show up big in the statistics department, but his coverage was excellent throughout the game. Which is more than can be said for Lions #1 CB Chris Houston. Houston had been sidelined for 2 days in practice leading up to the Packers game with a hamstring ailment, but his running seemed fine. The problem with Houston is that he apparently doesn’t know how turn his head to find the ball or he just lets opposing WRs to run right by him.

The best unit for the Lions in the game was the Special Teams unit. Rookie punter Sam Martin continues to boom some deep unreturnable kickoffs and his punting is phenomenal to this point in the season. Against the Packers, Martin had 6 punts for 311-yards with a 51.8-yard average.

Kicker David Akers made his lone attempt when he connected on an upright splitting 53-yarder. The Lions were down by 16 late in the game and opted to go for a 2-point conversion instead of kicking the extra point after a TD to WR Kris Durham. The kickoff and punt coverage teams have been playing well and no longer seem to be such a huge liability, either.

The game as a whole was very disappointing and hard to stomach, but the truth is that this is the NFL and Green Bay is and always will be the NFL’s darlings. They will always get the calls to go their way and teams have to play great football to beat them. Seven penalties for 50-yards and a turnover is not great football. I want to scream and yell about the officiating, which was blatantly one sided, but the reality is that the Lions didn’t play well enough to win this one. There is, however, another game against the hated division rivals to come on Thanksgiving Day and the Lions should remember the bitterness of this humiliating loss and use it as fuel to add to the fire of desire to get even and show the world these Lions are for real.

Next up. Bring on the Cleveland Browns! Go Lions!

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By the Numbers

Green Bay
1st Downs 19 16
Passing 1st downs
12 11
Rushing 1st downs
5 3
1st downs from penalties
2 2
3rd down efficiency
7-15 7-16
4th down efficiency
0-1 0-0
Total Plays 64 64
Total Yards 286 449
Yards per play - -
Total Drives - -
Passing 222 269
25-40 20-30
Yards per pass
5.6 9.0
Interceptions thrown
0 0
Sacks-Yards Lost
5-40 1-5
Rushing 64 180
Rushing Attempts
19 33
Yards per rush
3.4 5.5
Red Zone (Made-Att) 1-1 0-2
Penalties 7-50 10-72
Turnovers 1 2
Fumbles lost
1 2
Interceptions thrown
0 0
Possession 27:41 32:19

6 thoughts on “Detroit Lions Recliner Report – Green Bay Packers

  1. Derek Mack Reply dmac93065 Oct 6, 2013 11:09 PM

    Great work in the face of a loss Jeff. Like most fans, I’m saddened at the outcome of this game. Not only were my Lions beaten, but the injury report seems to indicate they were beaten up as well. As you stated, the silver lining lies in the realization our Lions retain a share of 1st place within the division. Geaux Saints ;)

    Last week, I stated the Lions didn’t fair well against 3-4 base defenses and hedged my bets on a loss based on my belief the o-line wouldn’t hold up. 3-4 defenses challenge on field communication from players and the blocking schemes that come in from the sideline. A unit with 3 new starters playing only their 5th game together (while mistakenly attempting to reinserting Jason Fox) wasn’t going to have enough cohesion to negate that Packers front. Additionally, our coaches win based on talent from their players vs play design. When Schwartz, Linehan and Gunther have to scheme to win games, they usually lose. Last week was one of only a handful of exceptions to that trend that has occurred since Schwartz took over the team.

    I predicted the Lions will finish the season at 7-9 and will fire Schwartz but retain Mayhew. While the team could still make a playoff run, I just don’t see enough evolution from the coaches to get the team there. I’ve been a Lions fans through 2008′s 0-16 ‘unperfect’ season & the 10-6 ‘restore the roar’ playoff season. I don’t care who’s on the sidelines or on the field, I will always remain true to my Honolulu Blue. Go Lions!!!

    • Jeffrey A. Moore, TSB Lead Writer Reply Jeffrey A. Moore, TSB Lead Writer Oct 7, 2013 7:23 PM

      You called it dmac! The Lions stunk it up against GB’s D. I hope you are wrong about 7-9 though. I’m sticking with my 10-6 and a wildcard prediction I made before the season started. That leaves room for 4 more losses. That means 7-4 here on out. Still doable.

  2. Reply Nicko Oct 7, 2013 1:32 AM

    Jim Schwartz needs to go hes a terrible coach the lions could be a force but boneheaded plays lost it for them when bush is being stuffed you don’t keep hoping for a miracle and when every receiver had butter fingers except broyles you don’t keep throwing to them and that garbage td in the end shows how bad the lions were today lions desperetly need a secondary a shame we lions fans can only brag about one of four teams to never go to a Super Bowl and the only winless season ever by a nfl team

    • Dave Brown, TSB Senior Writer Reply Dave Brown, TSB Senior Writer Oct 7, 2013 2:23 AM

      Lions give up one TD pass to Aaron Rodgers and they ‘desperately’ need a secondary? I disagree.

      Ogletree caught two of the three passes thrown his way and both Broyles receptions came in the first half, the only two times he was thrown to in the game.

      I find less fault with the offensive line than most will after this loss, the Packers were going to stop Reggie Bush, and they did. Linehan had no answer, and our longest play was a 25 yard pass completion to Brandon Pettigrew.

      Winless seasons, the 1982 Colts were 0-8-1 (strike shortened)
      The 1976 Buccaneers were 0-14(The start of the bag over the head sensation)
      The 1960 Dallas Cowboys were 0-11-1
      The 1944 Brooklyn Tigers were 0-10-0, suspended their season, and did not return after the war ended.
      During the war, some teams merged to play as one because of the lack of players. The Cardinals and Pittsburgh were one such team in 1944, going 0-10-0.
      1943 the Cardinals went 0-10-0, and if one considers the 1944 season, they are the only NFL franchise to go without a win for two consecutive seasons.
      In 1942 the Lions were 0-11.

      There are a few more.

      This isn’t 2008.

      The 1976 Tampa Buccaneers are considered the worst team all time in the NFL. Their coach was once asked about the offensive execution. He replied…“yes, they should be”

    • Jeffrey A. Moore, TSB Lead Writer Reply Jeffrey A. Moore, TSB Lead Writer Oct 7, 2013 7:28 PM

      Myself, I don’t need bragging rights. I want to win Super Bowls, don’t get me wrong. It does get old losing and I do get pissed, but win, lose, or draw it’s all about the team to me. The NFL hates the Lions and the Lions ALWAYS get screwed by the refs. I accept this and can live with what the team overcomes and when the Lions finally do win the Super Bowl it will be like a big FU to the NFL and the sweetest thing ever for the fans. Forever True, I Bleed Honolulu Blue! Go Lions!

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