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26 Aug 2013   | Uncategorized

1So I finished more than I had expected to his season in the Roster Rodeo, but not as much as I’d hoped.  My awesome readers were able to put together one heck of an offense, but I couldn’t manage time well enough to get defense out in time.  Well, we have what we have, and you chose it, so here we go with the Roster Rodeo Offense edition!


An overwhelming majority of you wanted to roll with two Quarterbacks, instead of three.  Granted, my post on the Quarterbacks was posted before Kellen Moore’s showing against the Patriots and Thad Lewis’ trade to the Bills, but in this instance I’m pretty sure the 2s win out.  Matthew Stafford and Shaun Hill it is, and since it was mentioned, Kellen Moore heads to the Practice Squad.

1Running Backs

A lot of indecision here, though most of you wanted to roll with four or five RBs.  The fours win, but we might return if we don’t have enough players on offense.  Bell and Bush were locks, with Riddick receiving the third most of the votes.  Readers were torn between the last spot, and it was a tie between Theo Riddick and Mikel Leshoure.  Also receiving votes were Steven Miller and Montell Owens, though both mentioned as STers primarily.

Wide Receiver

The most highly contested position battle in the Roster Rodeo, fans were deeply divided on this issue.  Fans were split down the middle between 5 and 6 receivers.  A three way tie for the most votes were Calvin Johnson, Nate Burleson, and Ryan Broyles, all unsurprising.  Those last two (Three) spots were up in the air.  Durham claimed one by a margin of one vote, narrowly beating out Patrick Edwards and Matt Willis, who were tied.  Since we didn’t bother to make rules for tiebreakers, we’re just going to take both and keep six Wide Receivers.

Tight Ends

Another position needing a tiebreaker, most fans had us taking three Tight Ends to the final roster.  As it was, however, there was a tie for the final spot between Fauria and Scheffler, so we’re going to keep four Tight Ends as well (Which we’re able to do since we only kept four RBs).  Pettigrew and Williams were the others.

1Offensive Tackles

This one was easy as every vote was the same.  In order, Riley Reiff, Jason Fox, LaAdrian Waddle, Corey Hilliard.  Boom.

Interior Olinemen

One of the most boring position groups received the fewest votes.  My readers decided to go traditional somewhat and keep five interior Olinemen, Rob Sims, Rodney Austin, Dominic Raiola, Larry Warford, and Dylan Gandy.

So where does that leave the team?

With 25 players on offense, the team is able to keep an even offense and defense and still have room for their three ST positions.  I’ve listed the roster below, with the number of votes in parenthesis.  Good show folks!

Stafford (6) Bush (7)
Johnson (8)
Pettigrew (5)
Reiff (5)
Sims (3)
Hill (6)
Bell (7)
Burleson (8)
Williams (5)
Fox (5)
Raiola (3)
  Riddick (6)
Broyles (8)
Fauria (4)
Waddle (5)
Warford (3)
  Leshoure (5)
Durham (6) Scheffler(4) Hilliard (5)
Austin (2)
    Edwards (5)
    Gandy (2)
    Willis (5)

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  1. Dave Brown

    I’m thinking three QBs this season, and we know the Lions found out that keeping just 5 WRs in a pass heavy offense doesn’t work. That means three TEs…


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