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20 Aug 2013   | Roster Rodeo · Uncategorized

Taking a break from the complicated choices and moving onto a simple one (Or is it?), today we’re tackling Tight Ends.  The Lions presently have six on their roster, and carried three last season, but it’s your show so you pick who you want.  The rules are here.  Do it to it!  Make your choices for the Roster Rodeo Tight Ends!

2Joseph Fauria
Stats    Age 23     Ht:  6’7″     Wt:  255

Fauria came with accolades from UCLA where he was one of the hottest UDFAs on the market . His blocking ability is suspect, at best, but as a receiving target he impressed during his final season in college and in Training Camp.  He has been used sparingly in the preseason and hasn’t lit the world on fire.

3Cameron Morrah
Stats    Age 26     Ht:  6’3″     Wt:  251

Morrah is the most recent addition to the skill positions.  Small for a TE, he’s more of an Hback type, meaning he’d have to really impress on Special Teams or beat out 2013 draft pick Michael Williams for a job.

4Brandon Pettigrew
Stats    Age 28     Ht:  6’5″     Wt:  265

The single season record holder for Lions Tight Ends for both receptions and yards, Pettigrew is the bane of most fans due to his often and poorly timed drops.  He has dropped some weight this season and there is a noticeable improvement in his quickness, though not in his hands.

5Tony Scheffler
Stats    Age 30     Ht:  6’5″     Wt:  255

Scheffler received an increased number of targets in 2012, but struggled as it seemed teams had figured him out quite early.  With almost no use as a blocker, Scheffler would have to return to his 2011 form for his usefulness as a receiver to be appreciated.

1Matt Veldman
Stats    Age 25     Ht:  6’7″     Wt:  255

Veldman was having a strong camp pushing Fauria for a spot on the roster, showing he could both receive and block well.  A recent knee injury has sidelined him and he has yet to return to the field.

6Michael Williams
Stats     Age 22     Ht:  6’5″     Wt:  278

Williams was a punishing blocker for Alabama but was often overshadowed due to their elite offensive line.  He wasn’t used much as a receiver, but did well when called upon.  There were concerns, however, that this was largely due to the attention the running game received.  Drafted with Will Heller’s Hback position in mind, Williams has been used almost exclusively as a blocker.

The Choice

The lions have brought three Tight Ends to the regular season in each of Schwartz and Mayhew’s four seasons.  You’re the GM, however, so take as few or as many as you want!  Simply list the names of the 2-6 TEs you would like to keep on the roster on the bottom of this page in the comments, or post them to my page on Facebook with the hashtag #LionsRosterRodeo (So it’s easy for me to find).


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3 thoughts on “Roster Rodeo – Tight Ends

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  2. dmac93065

    I’ve got to think Pettigrew and Mike Williams are locks for the roster. The #2nd TE spot is the one most up for debate imho. Scheffler is being challenged by Fauria & Veldman. If I’m the GM the decision is easy, I trade Scheff is possible and keep the winner of Fauria/Veldman. While Veldman has character and injury issues, he’s had a solid showing in camp and can help on coverage teams. Fauria might be the most skilled pass catcher at the position, but he’s one-dimensional and when his game is off (as it has been in stretches during camp) he offers very little to the roster. If I had to handicap the final TE spot I would lightly pencil Fauria in the spot because Veldman is battling injury (a pattern for him) and Scheffler is receiving very few snaps in game situations so in this preseason.


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