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19 Aug 2013   | Roster Rodeo · Uncategorized

You know the rules.  You’ve made an easy decision and a tough one.  You’re ready to take the reigns as General Manager once more!  This team is yours!  Choose your weapons!  Time to kick off the Roster Rodeo Wide Receivers edition!

11Terrence Austin
Age 24     Ht:  5’11″     Wt:  171

Austin has floated around the NFL since 2010 but hasn’t seen any significant NFL action.  His last regular season appearance was back in 2011 for Washington.  A slot receiver only, Austin has shown good chemistry with Shaun Hill against the 2s.  He has 6 catches on 8 targets for 48 yards this preseason.

Ryan Broyles, Davon HouseRyan Broyles
Age 25     Ht:  5’10″     Wt:  188

Broyles has never been a fan favorite after being drafted in the 2nd round of the 2012 draft.  After an extended healing period from an ACL tear, Broyles flashed big time slot ability against a strong Texans defense on national TV before tearing his other ACL soon after.  Strong all of camp, his knee flared up prior to the Jets game and he has seen very limited action in both preseason games.

8Nate Burleson
Age 32     Ht:  6′     Wt:  198

Burleson has been the best team leader the team has seen on offense in years.  Still, that hasn’t translated into onfield production due to a broken leg in 2012 and a poor showing in the preseason so far.

9Kris Durham
Age 25     Ht:  6’6″     Wt:  216

Durham had a hard time digesting the offense in 2012 over a 4 game span, but made some circus catches.  Camp has seen even more of those circus catches, but the preseason has seen him targeted only twice for a single catch that he made the most of with some long YAC.

7Patrick Edwards
Age 24     Ht:  5’9″     Wt:  175

A Training Camp superstar in 2012, Edwards was uncoverable in camp 2013.  During the preseason, he has been targeted five times with three short, very difficult catches where he got hit hard by a defender.  His speed was on display even when he wasn’t targeted, but he has yet to prove his worth on a football field.

6Corey Fuller
Age 23     Ht:  6’2″     Wt:  204

Fuller had a very inconsistent Training Camp, but his athleticism was unmistakable.  Sadly, so were his poor hands and technique, and Fuller has barely earned any time on the field, usually the last receiver in.  A late round draft pick, can he put it all together in time?

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9 thoughts on “Roster Rodeo – Wide Receivers

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  2. Empherical

    IF the Lions carry six, I gotta think Edwards is one of those on the final 53 man roster. As long as he can hold onto the ball, he brings too much to the table.

    The rest:
    Ryan Broyles should add that receiving presence in the short and intermediate routes the Lions desperately lacked against the Browns.

    Nate Burleson is a veteran nearing the end of his career, one he should finish with our Lions. Don’t think for a second that Burleson is going anywhere near all out in the preseason, or that we have seen what he will bring to the Lions, until the season starts.

    Fuller, the Lions like his potential.

    Willis, good chemistry with Shaun Hill, could develop as the solid #4 or #5

    Oh yeah, that Calvin Johnson guy makes the roster. Barely.

  3. kl1227

    I don’t think our 2nd outside WR is currently on this roster. CJ is 1, Nate 2, Broyles 3, 4 ? 5? I like what I’ve seen from Austin so I’d keep him as my 5.

  4. Zach

    Have Nate and Ryan as your slots only. Have Kris Durham (Edwards rotation) and Megatron as your Outs. Then know you have a spread offence with tons of receiving options as you have Bush as a safety valve. You still have you double TE’s package. Having two Monsters with highs should ( I said should) be able to pickup short yardage first downs.

    1. Kent Lee PlatteKent Lee Platte Post author

      Gotta love the big picture approach. Would be similar to how the Lions tried to run their offense late in 2012, but an increase in production by the outside and slot wouod make that tough to defend, especially with Bush added.

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