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4:00 PM 27 Apr 2013

1Fans were a little confused when the Lions traded down from their 5th round pick to later in the round for the cost of only a single 6th round pick.  In most cases, teams only make moves like that when they have a player they like on their board that they feel will still be there later in the round or they are picking a Special Teams player.  As it is, the Lions had both of those as they selected Appalachian State Punter Sam Martin.

The Lions showed interest in Martin earlier in the draft process and it’s likely they felt another team was targeting him sometime in the 6th round.  Martin is a solid Punter who can act as Kicker in a pinch, the type of versatility the Lions generally value.  Considering Martin was not the first Punter off the board, and immediately afterwards a Kicker was taken, it’s likely the Lions didn’t think waiting until the 6th was a good enough gamble.  The former Mountaineer will battle with recently acquired former UCF Punter Blake Clingan, known for pounding the football off the roof of the practice facility.  It will be an interesting one to watch once camp begins.

2The Lions had a need at outside receiver and many thought they would address that earlier in the draft.  As it is, it took them until the 6th round to pick one up when they selected Corey Fuller, WR Virginia Tech.  At 6’2″ 204 lbs., Fuller definitely fits the outside receiver mold.  While his timed speed is not spectacular, 4.43 is more than acceptable to help stretch the field, which Fuller will be challenged with doing early in his stay.

A one year starter, Fuller has a lot less experience than some other receivers the Lions could have targeted, but it’s likely they picked him up for his size/speed ratio, which is pretty good.  The Lions are actually intimately familiar with Fuller’s bloodlines, as Corey’s brother Vincent was a Lion briefly in 2011 before landing on IR.  Ultimately, Fuller will have to fight for a roster spot with Stafford buddy Kris Durham and former Ohio State WR Brian Robiskie.

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